Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wandering around town...

Wandering around the streets of Oaxaca, you come across strange and interesting and beautiful things.  Mexico always seems to me to be the land of the unexpected.

Here's a guy who makes beautiful paintings out of string. (Look closely.) When we asked to take his picture, he insisted that my daughter pose with him.

There are a lot of words badly-translated from English, but this variation on "crunchy" seemed particularly apt.

There's a band called "La Seductora." It seems that they will help you propose to your beloved. And there they were, in the center of town, helping the guy in the light blue shirt propose to the woman in the dark blue shirt, who looked as if she wished she were anywhere on Earth but there. I watched for 10 minutes, as the band played on and on...
...the prospective groom crooned to his prospective bride, the clearly hired-for-the-occasion photographer (in the white shirt) took a zillion photos, dozens of people watched and laughed and applauded, and the prospective bride looked more and more miserable.

I had to leave before the wooing was over, but I can't helping hoping she said no.  Seriously, girlfriend, he just doesn't get you.

There's lots and lots of ice cream here, and it often comes in a zillion flavors. The flavors available at this place are mostly fruity, but sometimes they're really strange and have things like grasshoppers and ground-up worms and a variety of vegetables in them.

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