Monday, August 8, 2016

Random strange Oaxacan things

Just some random images from around town:

I'm pretty sure that this is where Snape gets his Potions class supplies.

This store, "Oregano and More," was not open when we passed by. I'm not sure what they sell there or why anyone thought this was a good name for a store.

Someone pulled up this interesting tree root and left it on the sidewalk.

This shirt is for sale in the supermarket near our house. I'm not clear why some of the letters are upside down, or why it does not actually have any photos of the Brooklyn Bridge.

This is an old tree stump that someone carved.

Nice misspelling.

You see a lot of beautiful, skilled, elaborate ironwork here, but I'm not sure why anyone thought this was worth the effort.

Bird sculptures flying above the street, just because.

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  1. Oregano y mas: "We sell fake weed here"?