Sunday, November 6, 2016


As part of the Dia de los Muertos festivities, or maybe as part of Halloween, or something, there was a costume contest for dogs last week.  It was one of the more bizarre things I've ever seen. We all know, and some of us have been, the kind of people who just adore their puppies, so it won't surprise you that some of these people went to great lengths to dress up the canine members of the family.

My personal favorite was this little chihuahua Harry Potter, who lost his scar somewhere (he did originally have one).  Not sure what happened to his wand.

Pug minion was almost as amazing, and his proud owner is sweet.

This doggie won first prize for his alien and flying saucer costume. He was disabled -- his back legs don't work -- and he has a little doggie wheelchair. His human clearly built the costume around the wheels. It was awesome.

In this view you can see how the flying saucer fits over the wheels. I think all the judges and the whole crowd were really impressed -- the woman talked about how she adopted the little guy and had someone make him a wheelchair.

This nutty woman and her dog were "butcher chefs." A lot of work went into their costumes, I'm sure, and they won second prize. You can see the judges' tables on either side of the runaway, and the typical Mexican chaos which includes children climbing all over everything.

Indigo got to hold Sullivan from Monsters, Inc. (Or Soo-lee-ban, as he's called here.)

Batdog was another one of my favorites.

Here's a random selection of other cute pups:

This dog's owner told me he spent 2 weeks making the costume.

Orange puppy iguana

Chucky. There were several of them. Apparently, it's a popular way to dress your dog.

This little puppy didn't have a costume, but he was so damn cute I just had to include him.

Cute little witch pooch, who managed to keep the hat on the whole time.

Pope Puppy here was surprisingly popular in this very Catholic country. Apparently it's not considered irreverent.

A good-natured dinosaur dog, who must have been a hot dog in this costume.

There were lots of spiders, but I liked this one the best.

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