Saturday, September 17, 2016

Things on walls, Part 1

There are lots of murals, posters, graffiti, and other kinds of stuff on the walls in Oaxaca.  Here's a random selection:

First, a great use of a crumbling wall.

This graffiti is the famous Marx quote "Religion is the opiate of the people," but when I first saw it I thought that the last word of the top line was "apio," not "opio," which would translate as "Religion is the celery of the people." I think this is a great slogan, but so far no one outside my family likes it.

Just a nice tile on someone's house.

IAGO, the graphics arts institute, has amazing murals on its walls.

Nice juxtaposition of prints.

Last, and definitely least, is this Chinese restaurant. The food was not very good (sadly, like all the Chinese food in Oaxaca) but it did have this bizarrely-leftover photo of Mao on the wall.

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